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We have started years ago as a small web site design and web site marketing  boutique and we are proud of our roots.However, thanks to our great customers who not only stayed loyal to our brand but also referred and recommended us to their friends and associates, in 15 plus years since we have planted our roots, we have grown to much more than jut web site design and web site promotion.

Today, Boost5 Marketing offers a full spectrum of digital and traditional marketing services for small and medium businesses. We also offer a dedicated embedded and semi-embedded fulfillment and consulting services for our larger clients who would prefer to have us and work with our consultants at arms length reach.

Website Design

Tell your story …

Every business needs a good website but still majority of new clients that come to us either have no website and online presence, or have old outdated websites that do more harm than good. Some of those websites are old based on obsolete technology (static HTML) or a failed attempt to build a website using some of the widely available do it yourself services ( “I had a friend start to build me a website but he never finished it properly and I do not know how to reach him out”) .

While anyone with even a basic understanding of HTML can build a website and even most handicapped can use do it yourself website builders that we have seen advertising on the media daily, the good website is far more from piecing together few lines of code or arranging few movable elements.

A good website involves great deal of planning, research and knowing what (and how) to implement as a best solution for an effective website. Technology and trends change daily and what is hot today may not be so hot tomorrow. Additionally, every business is unique with unique story to tell, unique challenges and unique personality. Even businesses from within the same industry (i.e. two restaurants, two car dealers, two renovators etc.) are unique and although sharing many similarities, cannot be lumped into one size fits all websites.

Boost5 Marketing and our sister company, Canadian Technology Solutions know not only website design but also how to research, plan and tell the story of each of our client businesses in a way that is fresh, informative and on target. We know not only how to put the code together to build a website but more importantly, how to craft and build the web site persona that matches your business’s persona and image.

Boost5 Marketing Group
Boost5 Marketing Group

We build websites of tomorrow for businesses of today…

We live in the twenty first century and one of undisputed facts of today is the lightning fast pace that technology changes and evolves. What is hot and in trend today may be obsolete and old news tomorrow.

The above can also be said for website designs. New trends and technologies are emerging daily and therefore it is not only important that your website is built on the latest and greatest technology but that you can also think one or more steps ahead and build a website that is going to stay trendy and relevant for at least some time in the near future.

Our website designs are based on WordPress CMS meaning that not only are you getting the latest and greatest when it comes in technology and design (responsive websites that load fast and display properly on all sorts of devices such as desktop computers, laptops, tablets or mobile phones), but are easy to update and upgrade in the future so you will never run the risk of needing to start from the scratch because your website is to old and to obsolete to update.

In addition to the latest and greatest in the technology, we constantly stay on top of new trends and developments in the design industry. So we can always advise you what is latest and greatest as well as how you can leverage the latest and greatest of the technology to move and stay in pace with fast growing technology sector and emerging trends.

More than a website …

Today’s website needs not only to be great in design but it also needs to be secure (hacker, virus and malware free) as well as being to integrate and work hand in hand with other social presence places and platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.).

Additionally, you may want your website to do more than just serve the information.You may want your website to sell products for you, to be a contact hub and a place where both clients and prospects can easily contact you should they wish.

Our websites have no limitations of what they can or cannot do. We can integrate contact forms, live chat, video libraries, e-commerce, customer management portals (invoicing, estimating etc.) etc. into a website based on your business’es unique needs and requirements.

And every website we build, is as secure and fortified as possible. We can install and configure robust firewall and anti virus solution for your website that safeguards your website from malicious intruders and protects your data from those that look to steal and exploit it. Even a most basic website we build comes with the ample security and protection to ensure the safety and security of the website.

For more complex websites, our consultants can recommend and implement the advanced security solutions such as DDoS protection, SSL encryption, Proxy and Load Balancing, CDS and host of other solutions to ensure reliability, safety and confidentiality of your website and the data it contains. Our experts can handle any size and complexity of the project right from design and planning right up to execution, deployment and support your business and website needs.

Boost5 Marketing Group

Website Promotion

Boost5 Marketing Group

We walk with you …

Most of website design companies will consider the project completed once the web site is designed and running but we at Boost5 Marketing see this milestone as rather the beginning and not the end of the journey.

Once you have your website up and running, we will continue to work with you to provide the support and be there when you need us (for whatsoever reason) as well as to promote your business and website effectively and according to your vision.

Our dedicated support staff will be there to advise you if and when the time is to upgrade your website (minor and major upgrades), perform scheduled technical maintenance and upgrades on the back end of your website (the stuff you do not see but that gets your site running uninterrupted and proper) as well as to promote and coordinate marketing and advertising of your website wherever and whenever needed.

We will walk with you every step of your journey and you can rest assured no matter what, no matter where and no matter when, you will always have someone to lean onto and consult if you ever need help, support or trusted advice regarding the operation, marketing or promotion of your website.

Print Media Marketing

Something for everyone …

Lots of agencies focus on only a narrow few services such as web site design, SEO etc. As such they will try to convince you that the print advertising is dead, you do not need it and you will get better results if you put all your money into digital advertising only. Or vice versa.

Our marketing approach is more eclectic and we offer both traditional print marketing as well as digital marketing. And because we do it all in house we assess and recommend the blend of strategies that work best rather than convincing you to focus on something and abandon the rest just because we do not offer “the rest”

Boost5 Marketing Group has developed the relationship with some of top print marketing agencies and printing houses so we can produce, mail and deliver your printed marketing material in front of the potential prospect’s eyes quickly, effortlessly and on the budget. We work with direct to door fulfillment mailers (your piece is designed, printed and delivered in one place) or you can supply your own printed piece and we will deliver it for you.

In addition to mailed marketing material, we also offer the internal marketing collateral. From business cards, presentation folders, pull up banners and other trade show material to vehicle wraps, stationary digital displays and more, we can source, produce and deliver all your marketing and advertising material for you and your business.

And if you pair all your marketing and advertising collateral needs with our award winning marketing platform, all those services and products can be delivered to you at no net cost to you or your business.

Marketing Strategy Management

Putting the pieces together …

Sure we can develop a great functional website for your business. We can also build an effective online and off-line advertising to promote your business, we can advertise your business on social media, build you a great identity with recognizable brand name, logo and more. Our competitors can do this as well.

What distinguishes us apart from our competition is our unique ability to know what works best and when to employ a specific strategy to get a maximum exposure for your business. We not only put an effective marketing strategy for you but we help you execute it in organized and timely fashion so you and your business get best results.

We said it before, but here we will say it again. One size does not fit all. Every business has unique needs, unique challenges and therefore should have an unique marketing strategy. Some businesses need a quick results right away, some are more focused on the long term growth and recognition. Some businesses have appropriate planning and budget in place, some are more struggling in terms of financing their marketing efforts.

For businesses that have budgeting and execution strategy in place we can work to deliver each milestone on time, with professionalism and on budget. In addition to our Boost5 self funding marketing platform, we do offer a full spectrum traditional marketing and advertising line of products and services as well as trained and highly experienced client managers to make sure your business is always well taken care of. Our past clients came to respect us for our “client first” approach and culture and we continue to operate on the same belief and principle that we will not treat your business in any other way than if it was our own business.

A place where even a smallest client is treated like a celebrity …

We do not discriminate you if you are a small business or if you are just starting up. We still give you all the attention, all our expertise and know how and we can even help you craft a marketing and advertising strategy that will not cost you any out of pocket expenses. That’s right, all your marketing and advertising could be free and taken care off, forever … Things like a new professionally built website, search engine promotion, on and off line business marketing (pay per click advertising, social media advertising, brochures, flyers, coupons, promotional events etc.) , can all be deployed to promote your business and brand and with zero dollar net cost to you or your business. As we said before, we can do this not only for a month or two but for as long as you wish us to be your trusted marketing and advertising partner.