Our Story

The fact is that even the best marketing agency such as ours still needs exposure and advertising just like every other business does. To gain the exposure and marketing reach we needed, we could have opted for the traditional approach and pay for all the advertising we need. This however would present a significant cost for a small startup agency as ours and we still would be restricted in where or how much we could afford to advertise. So instead of opting to do things the “old fashioned way”, we wanted to do something unheard of and find a way to do all our advertising and marketing at no cost to us.

It was not an easy nor it was fast but instead of opting to heavily invest into marketing and advertising up front as many so called top notch advertising consultants told us we should do, we did something unheard of and put together a marketing plan that provided everything we needed to aggressively advertise and promote our business at no net cost.

Soon after we have realized that we have came across something unheard of in the advertising and marketing industry and something that none of our even bigger competitors were able of offering. So rather than keeping it to ourselves, we decided to expand our business and offer the same advertising platform to our clients so they too can benefit from the same principle and the success that our business has experienced. And that is how Boost5 Marketing Group was born.

Boost5 Marketing Group

It did the work for us, we want to show you how it can work for you too …

We would like the opportunity to show you how our platform works and how you and your business too could benefit from free professional marketing and advertising services we can provide.If we can give you all marketing and advertising your business ever needs for free forever, would you give us a 90 minutes of your time to properly explain how our platform works and to answer any of your questions? Probably yes but …

We know your time is a precious commodity so we will make it worth regardless how you feel about our flagship platform.

Give us 90 minutes to present our Boost5 Marketing Platform to you and to show you how we can pay for all your marketing and advertising expenses.We are convinced you will see benefits of our service right away but if for whatsoever reason you decide our product is not for you, we will still make your time well worth.

In exchange for allowing us the opportunity to meet with you, learn about your business and present our marketing solution, we will give you 2 months of our Social Media Marketing Service, absolutely free.

Here is what you are getting for free for simply meeting with us!

  • Free, Facebook for Business, LinkedIn and Google+ profile creation.
  • Free submission of your business to Google Places
  • Free SEO audit and optimisation review ( comprehensive analysis of your website), your online presence with recommendations on how to improve your digital presence (how more potential clients can reach you).
  • Free competitor analysis. We will tell you how you stand against your top three online competitors and what they are doing with their digital advertising.
  • Free bi-weekly social posting to your Facebook for Business and Google+ page and monthly updates to your LinkedIn profile for 2 months.